While a new website is obviously important for your detailing business, have you thought about how you will track your website visitors on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis? Most people don’t think too much about website visitor analytics but in truth, it is a very important extension of your website.

As you create promotions locally or through online sources like Groupon, do you know how many people are responding to those campaigns or simply finding you through a search engine like Google? It is also important to understand not only what pages your website visitors are looking at but how long they are spending on each page. Website visitor analytics can also help you identify which website pages are working well and which pages may not be keeping you visitors interest. By reviewing these visitor analytics, you can make better decisions about your advertising and website content.

Your visitor analytics script will provide you with an online Admin Control Panel so you can login to review all the website visitor statistics it provides. This script does require that your website host (i.e, GoDaddy) offer MySQL databases as this is required for the script to function. Not sure about MySQL? Just let us know.

Installation Fee: $100

To add Visitor Analytics Tracking to your new or existing website, please contact us.

Visitor Analytics